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[tycho-user] Older version preferred over newest version

Hi all,

I have an update site with several versions of a bundle, and a plugin that depends on that bundle. I cannot understand why it resolves to the older one (I am using an unversioned dependency). I always assumed the newer version is preferred.

In my example, I have a "stable" update site (release versions), and a "dev" update site (milestones). In the "stable" update site I have versions:

- 2.0.2
- 3.0.0

My tycho build prefers 2.0.2

Interestingly, in the "dev" update site, where I have many more versions, the newest one is picked:

- 2.1.0.m1
- 2.1.0.m2
- 3.0.0.rc1
- 3.0.0.rc2
- 3.0.0.rc3  <-- this one is picked.

I attached a minimal project (one dependency in the MANIFEST, one source file). You can run it as

mvn -Pscala-ide-stable  -Dtycho.localArtifacts=ignore clean install

and it fails with an unresolved import (it picks 2.0.2)

mvn -Pscala-ide-dev  -Dtycho.localArtifacts=ignore clean install


Running with `-X -Dtycho.debug.resolver=..` I don't get any useful information, except the exact version that was picked. Unfortunately, I don't know *why* the older version is considered a better fit.

There might be something wrong with my update site, but I can't figure it out. And, unfortunately, I can't add a version to the dependency at the moment.

Any ideas on how to debug this thing?

thank you,

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