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Re: [tycho-user] please test staged tycho 0.17.0

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>Alas, I encountered a second incompatibility:
>Source feature generation now fails the build if it cannot find the
>sources of all plugins.

AFAIK this behaviour has always been this way.
The point is probably that up to now you did not generate any source feature due to behaviour change "do not check for magic sourceTemplateFeature/ folder" [1]

> Now, Orbit's does have a source
>but how to tell Tycho where to find it?

known bug 

>Setting appropriate excludes, the build proceeds further. However, for
>some strange reason it cannot find the source of
>org.eclipse.recommenders.tests, although that is build in the same
>reactor (and before the feature in question).
> [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.eclipse.tycho.extras:tycho-source-feature-plugin:0.17.0:source-feature (source-feature) on project org.eclipse.recommenders.feature.3rd.rcp.nonjuno: Could not generate source feature for project MavenProject: org.eclipse.recommenders.feature:org.eclipse.recommenders.feature.3rd.rcp.nonjuno:1.0.3-SNAPSHOT
> [ERROR] Missing sources for plugins [org.eclipse.recommenders.tests_1.0.3.v20130318-1255-b000]
>This at least looks like a "real" bug to me.

some observations in [3] that may cause this:

- you don't configure p2-metadata goal as documented [2]
- you changed the lifecycle phase of plugin-source goal

if you can provide a small standalone example that reproduces the bug even though following docs [2], open an issue.



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