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Re: [tycho-user] jgit timestamp provider ignores local changes

On 03/06/2013 01:02 PM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:

I would not use different qualifier strings based on state of working
copy. Qualifiers are compared as strings, I can't recall if longer
string is considered newer or older and I am sure many users will not
know this either.With dirty working tree there isn't really a good
durable timestamp to compare builds with, so we just need to educate
users to be aware of local repository pollution with transient builds.
Seeing a -DIRTY would mean the same as seeing a SNAPSHOT for standard Maven artifacts. It would mean that you don't know what is in it. It's enough for debugging. What I'd like to avoid in spending lot of time trying to understand why a test is failing and discover after hours that it's because one installed in its Maven repo a bundle with local modifications whose qualifier made me think it's actually derived from a commit.

Also, it would be interesting to have the tycho-p2-plugin able to
compare a bundle with a baseline ignoring the qualifier.
That would allow to just not care about the qualifier, and if everything
else is the same (classes, MANIFEST...) we replace the new one with the
previous one.
For this, the use-case is not "Reproducible Versions Qualifier" but
"Avoid providing always new builds of the same thing".

This approach was considered but rejected. See
I missed this discussion and it's quite interesting.
I understand the reasons why it was not accepted for platfrom build. However, I'm happy to see that most agree it would make sense. Ideally, that would be an option on the p2-comparator plugin (ant tycho-p2-plugin) to just ignore qualifiers during comparison. I keep that in mind for future experiments.
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