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[tycho-user] jgit timestamp provider ignores local changes

Hi all,

For our project, I gave a try to . It's working well, but in the case a local change happen on the module, the timestamp provider doesn't detect it and still uses timestamp of the latest commit. So in the end, we can have several different artifacts (with different content) using the same fully-qualified versions, built on the same machine. This seems to me totally dangerous since we expect OSGi bundles with same qualifiers to contain the same thing. Here we cannot rely any more on qualified version to compare bundles.
This is pretty common use-case that running a "mvn verify" before a commit and then generating multiple artifacts with same version and different content, so it's not a corner-case.
Ideally, I would have expected the git timestamp provider to set the timestamp to the current build timestamp in case it detects a local change. What would you think of this behaviour? Should I open a feature request?

Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer at JBoss, by Red Hat
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