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Re: [tycho-user] newbe: packaging eclipse-plugin and project dependencies

Hi Igor

I read the HowTos topic you mentionned but that's not quite user friendly... I have more than 25 artifacts with a relative simple interdependency graph that is already specified within each pom.xml.

Wouldn't be a better approach for the tycho project to resolve the project dependencies using the maven's poms instead of asking the developper to recopy the graph into each manifest with an Import-Package?

Le 14/01/2013 19:04, Igor Fedorenko a écrit :
Tycho provides only limited support for dependencies on pom-first
projects, see wiki [1] for more information



On 2013-01-14 12:34 PM, Francis ANDRE wrote:

I am trying to build an Eclipse RCP project using the tycho packaging
'eclipse-plugin'. This projet needs dependencies build as standard maven
artifacts. Since the tycho wiki explains that:

"Since Tycho uses OSGi bundle manifest to determine project
dependencies, pom.xml file should NOT contain <dependency> section, and
any dependencies inherited from parent project will be ignored by the

I am wondering how configure the Eclipse plugin pom.xml or plugin.xml
to inject the needed maven artifacts from the local repository?

Thank for any help

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