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Re: [tycho-user] Problem to find cache on an external offline platform

> Maven : 3.0.0
> Tycho : 0.16
> I use tycho to produce a product in an offline mode. I initialize the
> maven cache online then I export it and use it for an offline mode.
> I have no problem in my company, we do that on several computers
> (windows, linux) with no error. We send the m2 repository to our
> client and they try to produce the product on there own platform
> (witch should be identical to our platform).
> The problem is that the offline mode says:
> [ERROR] Internal error: java.lang.RuntimeException:
> org.eclipse.equinox.p2.core.ProvisionException: Repository system is
> offline and no local cache available for
> -> [Help 1]
> But we check several times, the m2 repository seems correct with the
> .cache or .meta folder in it.
> Do you see something that I am doing wrong or that could explain this
> problem?

Hi Jerome,

I actually ran into this exact problem some time ago in attempting
to do roughly the same thing. My issue was that I was using a very
old cache, and the repository metadata changed slightly (likely went
from being regular p2 repo to being a composite repo) causing Tycho's
cache manager to fail to find the proper path.

I was still a bit confused about why it had worked on another machine
but I can see that the p2 repo in the 0.16.0 tag ( no
longer exists and the one in tycho-surefire/pom.xml was a composite
(debugging the code revealed that it was expecting it to be just a
regular repo).

In my case I needed to update the p2 repos used (I think just
the ones in and tycho-surefire/pom.xml) and that allowed
me to do a build offline.

Hope this helps,
Roland Grunberg

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