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[tycho-user] Unexplained compilation error

I'm converting a large RCP product from PDE Build to Tycho, and using a .target file to set the same target platform for both development in Eclipse IDE and Tycho build.
One of our plugin projects is failing compilation in Tycho because it complains a certain method is missing from EMF's EObject class. The method is certainly part of the version of EObject that is visible in our IDE (and to our existing PDE Build), it is org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject.eIsProxy(). It's a little confusing because it doesn't complain that EObject itself isn't found, just the method eIsProxy().

1. ERROR in F:\<our\plugin\source\path\ (at line 74)
if (obj != null && obj instanceof EObject && ((EObject)obj).eIsProxy()) {
The method eIsProxy() is undefined for the type EObject

Other plugins in our product use EObject, even that specific method, but I haven't encountered any compilation errors on them (yet, but my overall build fails part-way through because of this error). I tried building just this one plugin with the –X argument, but it's hard to get useful information from the verbose logging that comes out of that. From what I could tell, it didn't look like there was any old version of org.eclipse.emf.ecore on the build classpath, but I don't feel 100% certain.
Are there any ideas or techniques for troubleshooting this kind of compile classpath problem?


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