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Re: [tycho-user] How to automatically check upgrade paths?

Andreas Sewe wrote:
> Sent: Donnerstag, 15. November 2012 14:31
> To: Tycho user list
> Subject: Re: [tycho-user] How to automatically check upgrade paths?
> Hi Tobias,
> thanks for the reply.
> > p2 should be able to update to everything that can be installed. For
> > an update, p2 takes all root units and checks for newer versions. If
> > you know what is in the existing installations, you should be able to
> > derive what p2 will try to install.
> Yes, that's what I thought: If you know which features/plugins exist in
> an existing installation, you can simulate the update operation (or at
> least the creation of the plan for that operation) for further
> features/plugins.
> > You can simulate this in the build by creating a product file for
> > this purpose.
> Can you be a bit more specific, in particular as to whether it would be
> possible to check automatically, during the build, whether an update
> operation would succeed?
> Let's say I have a product file lying around and want to determine
> whether our features (whose previous versions came with said product)
> can be updated without conflicts. How could one use Maven+Tycho to check
> this?

Create a product file which
- lists the features you are currently building with version 0.0.0 -> here the latest versions from the build will be used
- lists all other features which are installed in your clients installation with fixed versions. This simulates that these features will not be updated, so there may be conflicts.

As I said, if update isn't possible, a fresh installation of the same is also not possible, so having this product file in the build will catch these issues.


> Best wishes,
> Andreas
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