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Re: [tycho-user] doubts on target definition file includeMode

The resolution time for target files is typically negliable, because this step is typically only done O(1) times and the results are cached and re-used (as Max already said). Therefore the build performance won't be significantly different with planner and slicer.

Using a target file instead of repositories with layout p2 in the POM may be overall faster, because the target platform will then be smaller and hence dependency resolution may take less time.

In any case, always make sure to use -o (offline mode) for comparing performance - because otherwise network I/O will typically dominate the measurement.


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> >> I used to build my product using only p2 repositories but now I'm
> trying
> >> the eclipse-target-definition packaging with a hope to reduce the
> >> building time.
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> > Not sure target-platforms help you to reduce build time...
> .target calculations within the same build reactor are cached thus
> reducing build time for larger projects.
> /max
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