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Re: [tycho-user] doubts on target definition file includeMode

> I used to build my product using only p2 repositories but now I'm trying 
> the eclipse-target-definition packaging with a hope to reduce the 
> building time.

Not sure target-platforms help you to reduce build time...

> Is there any way that tycho help me find the calculated dependencies so 
> I could create a target file using slice mode easily ?

Not sure Tycho can help for that, but I think you could use p2 director to install stuff in a dedicated bundle-pool. All the stuff in this specified bundle pool should be your IUs + dependencies.

> And could someone tell me if is there any advantage, related to the 
> build time, when using includeMode = 'slicer' ?

Sorry can't tell you that.
However, a good way to save time with Tycho, if you don't already do it, is to set up local mirrors for repository to make transfer faster.

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