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Re: [tycho-user] Only one of the following can be installed at once

On 09/17/2012 09:45 AM, e92-330cd@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello I have this error:

[ERROR]   Only one of the following can be installed at once: [com.ibm.icu 4.4.2.v20110823, com.ibm.icu 4.2.1.v20100412, com.ibm.icu 4.0.1.v20100112]

[ERROR]   Cannot satisfy dependency: aaaa.eclipse.product 1.0.0.qualifier depends on: bbbb.eclipse.application.feature.feature.group [1.0.0,1.0.1)
[ERROR]   Cannot satisfy dependency: aaaa.eclipse.product 1.0.0.qualifier depends on: cccc.target.standard.feature.feature.group 0.0.0
[ERROR]   Cannot satisfy dependency: bbbb.eclipse.application.feature.feature.group depends on: dddd.eclipse.feature.feature.group []
[ERROR]   Cannot satisfy dependency: dddd.eclipse.feature.feature.group depends on: org.eclipse.rcp.feature.group [3.6.2.r362_v20101104-9SAxFMKFkSAqi8axkv1ZjegmiBLY]
[ERROR]   Cannot satisfy dependency: eeee.target.standard.feature.feature.group 2012.4.2 depends on: com.ibm.icu [4.4.2.v20110823]
[ERROR]   Cannot satisfy dependency: org.eclipse.rcp.feature.group 3.6.2.r362_v20101104-9SAxFMKFkSAqi8axkv1ZjegmiBLY depends on: com.ibm.icu [4.2.1.v20100412]

When resolving the dependencies for your product, p2 noticed that you have 2 features depending on different versions of com.ibm.icu. Those features use very restrictive range for this dependency, so that they really require different versions. However, com.ibm.icu bundle is marked as singleton, which means that only one com.ibm.icu can be installed or activated.
So your feature can't work both at the same time.

in ddd.eclipse.feature, you should replace the <plugin id="com.ibm.icu"/> by a <requires><import plugin="com.ibm.icu" .../></requires>. This will make Tycho resolve to "best available" rather than the one it picked-up at build-time.
In general, you must not include something that you don't own and produce as part of the same build. Inclusion is a relationship reserved to the provider, consumers should use requires.

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