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Re: [tycho-user] how set qualifier as revision from svn during every build?

I am not sure if svnkit has been cleared for direct inclusion in eclipse
projects. I know it was not allowed in the past and quick search cqzilla
suggests this is still the case.

You don't need to host your code at, however. There are
plenty of other places to host your code (github is my personal
favourite, but there are many others).


On 12-09-06 3:12 AM, Marco Lehmann-Mörz wrote:
Hi all,

following the tycho-buildtimestamp-jgit maven plugin I was able to
implement a proof-of-concept for svn.
I use SVNKit. Will there be license issues when hosting this plugin at <>?


2012/9/5 <e92-330cd@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:e92-330cd@xxxxxxxxx>>

    Hello again, because I am not enought experienced in tycho
    developing , so involving into tycho project will stuck me on many
    days maybe weeks. I am thiking about this solution:

    1] write my own maven plugin, wich will look into $basedir/.svn and
    found the latest time or revision. in some phase before "package"
    and store the value into ${newVersion}

    2] than use tycho-versions:set-version in package phase

    the question is, will it create the jar of each module properly
    named? will the update site recognize the lastest jars if there will
    be many version eg 1.0.0 diferenting only with the qualifier (=svn

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