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Re: [tycho-user] how set qualifier as revision from svn during every build?

On 12-09-04 6:40 AM, e92-330cd@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I have found that with tycho-packaging:build-qualifier plugin is
possible to change the qualifier. I would like to set the qualifier
as the last revision from svn in every build on jenkins... any ideas
how to manage this?

Less nice way of doing this is to pass svn revision id as
-DforceContextQualifier parameter from your jenkins build. This will
force the same qualifier for all aggregator build modules, which may or
may not be what you need.

Extending build-qualifier mojo is probably a better approach, but it
requires writing java code. Currently, it allows plugable
build-timestamp generation logic, so using timestamp of the last commit
should be straightforward and you can use jgit implementation [1] as an
example. Using svn revision as version qualifier will require changes to


Thanks David
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