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Re: [tycho-user] Errors: Unable to satisfy dependency from toolinggtk.linux.ppcorg.eclipse.core.runtime

> <unit id="" version="3.7.2.M20120208-0800"/>
> <repository location="https://nexus..../nexus/content/repositories/eclipse-indigo/"/>

Looking more closely I can see that the value selected in the target
definition is a milestone release
I changed it to use the rcp instead of the rcp.sdk and to use the
release version (even if the release version dates looks identical to
the milestone)
<unit id="org.eclipse.rcp" version="3.7.2.v201202080800"/>

This solved that problem.

The next one was it couldn't find my product feature.
This was a hang over from the PDE build infrastructue.
My product feature was also trying to the eclipse-repository - Oops.
After splitting the feature out into its own module the eclipse target
resolves correctly and I'm now all the way into

 --- tycho-p2-repository-plugin:0.14.1:assemble-repository
(default-assemble-repository) @ application ---
[ERROR] Failed to execute goal
(default-assemble-repository) on project application: No content
specified for p2 repository -> [Help 1]

Off to do some more googling.

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