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[tycho-user] MD5 hash is not as expected.

One of my internally created bundles is failing to be downloaded correctly.

I can see the artifacts being downladed into

And then I get this error, which causes the file to be deleted:
[ERROR] Internal error: java.lang.RuntimeException: "Messages while
trying children repositories.": ["": ["Problems downloading artifact:
osgi.bundle,my.artifact,15.0.0.": ["MD5 hash is not as expected.
Expected: e4c9ecabc2025def58fb4c37c72f9a43 and found

I haven't had enough time yet to track down which bit is deleting the jar file.
I'll do that tomorrow.
If someone knows the answer and can kick start my investigation that
would great!

I can't tell whether my artifact is being corrupted on the download or
whether nexus is returning a wrong MD5 Hash on the P2 proxied
I know the actual bundle MD5 is correct, I've verified that, but
perhaps the P2 capabilities is causing a problem.

But without the incorrect jar, I cant do anything.

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