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[tycho-user] Root files support fails in Tycho 0.13


I'm trying to add some root files to my feature's file so that they will appear in the root directory of my final product. I've followed the example at but I'm not having any luck. My currently contains:

bin.includes = feature.xml

root = file:test.txt

My feature id and my artifact id are both gov.ornl.nice.feature and both files have the same version number.

It appears that a zip of the root files is created and installed in my local repository:

Installing /home/bkj/research/NiCE/NiCEWorkspace/gov.ornl.nice.feature/target/ to /home/bkj/.m2/repository/NiCE/gov.ornl.nice.feature/2.0.0/

I have checked and verified that the archive contains test.txt.

Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

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