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[tycho-user] tycho stops to find pom-first bundles after 0.14 migration ?


I've migrated tycho to 0.14.1 and maven-bundle-plugin to 2.3.7.
To start a clean build I have removed the .m2 repository folder in my machine. I've build all pom-first again and suddenly I've noted the manifest-first builds of my project starts to fail because tycho was not finding the pom-first bundles, even them being already installed by another reactor execution... I've double checked and the pom-first bundles already was in the .m2 local repository... :/

After some hours investigating, trying to understand what happen, I've decided to check the example found here: The only difference from my pom-first project was the use of this plugin:


I've decide to try it. And after I've added this plugin to poms and have installed the pom-first projects again, all other manifest-first projects build comeback to work again...

Not completely satisfied I have did all steps again... remove .m2 folder, installed pom-first bundles (without tycho-p2-plugin plugin), run the manifest-first projects... and fails... Using the tycho-p2-plugin, works...

So, could someone give some tip what am I missing here? what is the point with this tycho-p2-plugin in pom-first projects ?



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