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[tycho-user] Update problem with Tycho build product


I have the following problem with Tycho:
my complete build is composed of plugins, one feature collecting these plugins, one repository with only the feature and another repository with a product definition with my feature and others from Eclipse (RCP, JDT).
Now, I build the product (let say 1.0.0) and it's running fine.
Now, I switch my build to the next version (1.0.1), build it and from the 1.0.0 installation, I define a local update repository pointing to myrepository/target/repository.
Now, if I ask Eclipse to search for updates, I does not find one.
If I ask Eclipse to install new software, it will find my new version but it refuse to install it because it seems lost between feature and product versions.
Please note that if I install my feature in an Eclipse application (not the product I build), it has no error.

I have reproduced the problem on a more simple configuration (1 plugin + 1 feature + 1 repository with the feature alone + 1 repository with a product definition).
You will find two zips with both versions.
1) Unzip the 1.0.0 version (
2) run mvn package
3) copy test.product/target/products/test.product/macosx/cocoa/x86_64 to a new folder
4) run from that folder
5) unzip the 1.0.1 version to the same folder (as 1)
6) run mvn package
7) in the Eclipse, define a new local software site pointing to test.repository/target/repository
8) Run Help -> Check for Updates -> you shoud have a message with no updates found
9) Run Help -> Install new software -> select the site you just created and run the install -> you should see the error message

Please tell me if I must open an issue.



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Description: Zip archive

Description: Zip archive

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