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Re: [tycho-user] Optional dependencies can not be resolved

To build the RAP war file I have a feature project which defines the plugins and fragments needed. For the eclipse stuff there is org.eclipse.rap.ui added. For the RCP client build I have a product definition which defines the dependencies. For the eclipse stuff there is org.eclipse.ui added.
I have a workspace in the IDE for RCP and RAP. The single sourcing are in both workspaces. To get a running workspace setup I have to add both RCP and RAP resources optional.

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Betreff: Re: [tycho-user] Optional dependencies can not be resolved

What dependency do you expect to be used by the build?


On 12-03-16 6:30 AM, Oliver Pfau wrote:
> Hi,
> I think the problem for my build are the optional dependencies for single sourcing (RCP, RAP) bundles. For instance a single sourcing bundles requires org.eclipse.ui and org.eclipse.rap.ui both optional. This works with 0.12.0 but not with the higher version of tycho.
>   I get erros that the swt/jface classes can not be resolved:
> [ERROR] import org.eclipse.jface.action.MenuManager;
> [ERROR] ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> [ERROR] The import org.eclipse.jface cannot be resolved
> ...
> <dependency-resolution>
> 	<optionalDependencies>ignore</optionalDependencies>
> </dependency-resolution>
> does not help.
> Is there any other possiblity to change the optional dependencies resolution to get my build working with tycho 0.14.1?
> Regards,
> Oliver
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