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Re: [tycho-user] SWTBot Fragments

Second hit when you google for "tycho test fragment dependency"...


On 12-03-15 4:23 AM, Reiner Fäth wrote:
No support for a test with fragments?


Dark Phoenix

On 13-03-10 3:57 PM, Reiner Faeth wrote:

I want to test an RCPApplication with Maven/Tycho and SWTBot with
When I use the configuration
I have a problem.
I have some Plugin-Fragments which the Product-File depends on. When I
run the Tests in Eclipse I can use these Fragments with the dependencies
in the run-configurations but when I use Tycho the dependencies come
from the manifest file.
I don't know any way to tell a manifest to use fragments, so i tried to
use he dependancies notation in the pom. But in some way these
dependencies will be ignored.
So my problem is how to get these fragment dependencies run in the
swtbot aplication.
Is it possible to run the product-file instead of the
product-extension-point and application or is it possible to get the
fragments in the dependencies.

many thanks in advance

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