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Re: [tycho-user] Problem loading resources from classpath in tests

tycho surefire uses a classloader which delegates to the test bundle for loading classes and resources, see [1].
We would need a sample project that demonstrates the problem to tell what's going on here.



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I have a test case which needs the resource  

In the code in  
org.eclipse.xtext.resource.ClassloaderClasspathUriResolver, this is  
truncated to "com/pany/eclipse/i18n_dsl/tests/Application.i18n" and  
then passed off to the OSGi classloader. I verified that  
target/classes/com/pany/eclipse/i18n_dsl/tests/Application.i18n exists.

The tests pass when run from inside Eclipse.

Why can't Tycho Surefire 0.13.0 load the resource?


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