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[tycho-user] Building non-Java code, with Project-specific Builders

We've got a set of plugins, that we've gotten to build into a P2 Repository fairly easily. However we're realized that we have non-java code in the plug-in that aren't being built. More specifically, it's ATL code that need to be built into ASM modules. See: for info on ATL.
Normally, these modules are built by the ATL builder, and normally not checked into source control, since it's marked 'derived'. Our ATL projects are also plugin projects and have the following natures: org.eclipse.jdt.core.javanature, org.eclipse.pde.PluginNature & org.eclipse.m2m.atl.adt.builder.atlNature . And the following builders: org.eclipse.jdt.core.javabuilder, org.eclipse.pde.ManifestBuilder, org.eclipse.pde.SchemaBuilder & org.eclipse.m2m.atl.adt.builder.atlBuilder .
Is there any support in Tycho for building with using Eclipse builders? As for as I've seem, there's no headless application for calling the ATL compiler.
If it's not possible to do this through Maven/Tycho, is it feasible to start an Eclipse instance for a while, so the workspace gets completely build? Sounds a bit brittle. An alternative is also to check the ASM modules in to source control, but that's risky, since you might end up with unbuilt ASM, if you edit the ATL files outside of Eclipse, or with automatic build turned of.
Is this simply a case where Buckminster is better suited for the job?
Best Regards,

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