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Re: [tycho-user] Use p2 resolver with packaging "jar"?

Do you need to inject OSGi/P2 dependencies in your jar project, i.e.
have the same effect as <dependency> pom.xml element, or do you need to
execute Equinox application resolved from P2 repositories as part of
your project build, but the contents of Equinox application does not
depend on the project?

The former is tracked as bug 364983 [1] and the latter is something I
plan to do in tycho-eclipserun-plugin, but don't know yet if it requires
tycho core api changes.



On 12-02-24 4:05 AM, Stephan Herrmann wrote:

Using tycho 0.14.0 I can now successfully build a multi-project Xtext-based
tool with several levels of code generation - building all on Jenkins, great!

It's the next step where I'm now stuck:

The tool is intended to be used in non-OSGi projects. More specifically,
I need to invoke (via the fornax plugin) some mwe2 workflow that triggers
my code generator.

During tests of the code generator everything works just fine using
packaging "eclipse-test-plugin".

However, in the "real" development projects with packaging "jar" the
workflow runner doesn't work, because none of the p2 dependencies
are found. AFAICS this is due to the fact, that those p2 dependencies
(Xtext, emf.mwe2.*  plus transitive dependencies) don't have poms.

Is it possible to enable just tycho's p2 resolver without switching to
an OSGi specific packaging?

It would certainly be cool if this could be achieved just by some tweaks
in my parent pom, but from my current understanding this is unlikely.
So, alternatively:

What would it take to write a maven plugin that invokes tycho code
just for injecting dependencies to a project, perhaps even only for
one goal ("generate-sources")?
Would that plugin also need to invoke the code generation, or could
it just mediate between the two existing plugins?

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