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Re: [tycho-user] No content found generating eclipse-repository under tycho 0.14.0

Can you provide link to official eclipse documentation that describes
<iu> element of category.xml or site.xml?


On 12-02-17 4:13 AM, Alex Blewitt wrote:
The category.xml is the same format as the site.xml which was used by Eclipse in pre-P2 days. It's still needed in P2 to provide the categories shown in the update menu.

I suspect you'll find the format documented in the help under site.xml.


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On 17 Feb 2012, at 06:47, Simon Goodall<simon.goodall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

I think I originally found it here [1] and the Orbit repo seems to use
it too [2]. A google search just now hit up on an older tycho bug [3].

I've been using it for a while with the tycho-extras
publish-features-and-bundles goal to first build a repo out of 3rd
party plugins obtained via the maven dependency plugin and then call
category-p2-metadata to make the repo browsable in eclipse.

My aim is to make the results of one project consumable in another
tycho build and ideally also be browsable in eclipse.



On 17 February 2012 03:55, Igor Fedorenko<igor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Where did you find this category.xml syntax? Can you provide a link at any
relevant documentation?


On 12-02-16 4:13 PM, Simon Goodall wrote:

I have several multi-module tycho projects consisting of one or more
eclipse-plugin modules and a eclipse-repository module. Under tycho
0.13.0 I managed to get the eclipse-repository producing a p2
repository containing the eclipse-plugins using a combination of pom
dependencies and a catch all category.xml file. Under Tycho 0.14.0 the
eclipse-repository is unable to find any content and the build fails.

Is this the correct approach or is there a better way to do this which
will work under tycho 0.14.0?

I've attached a sample project.



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