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Re: [tycho-user] Unpacked plug-in archives


I attached a sample project that shows the regression. You will have to change the target definition to make it work (it currently points to an internal eclipse repo mirror).

If tycho 0.13.0 is used the plugin rcp.sample.plugin is installed in the product as a jar archive, if tycho 0.14.0 is used it is installed as a directory. Adding "Eclipse-BundleShape: jar" to its manifest file, it is also installed as a jar archive under tycho 0.14.0. I would have expected this configuration option to be the default.

Thanks for your help

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whether bundles are unpacked or not during installation should be controlled via the unpack="true|false" (unpack=true is the default!) flag in feature.xml (legacy) or better via the Eclipse-BundleShape: dir|jar MANIFEST header.

I am not aware of any changes in tycho 0.14.0 for this behaviour, but if you can provide a sample project that shows the regression, we will have a look.


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I am building an Eclipse RCP application with tycho and maven 3.0.4. While using tycho version 0.13.0 my p2 repository and the materialized product contained the plug-in archives of the Eclipse RCP application as jar archives.

Now I switched to tycho version 0.14.0 and suddenly the plug-in archives are unpacked in the materialized product. 
What am I missing? Maybe some new configuration?

Thanks and kind regards
Jan Rosczak

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