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Re: [tycho-user] Unpacked plug-in archives

whether bundles are unpacked or not during installation should be controlled via the unpack="true|false" (unpack=true is the default!) flag in feature.xml (legacy) or better via the Eclipse-BundleShape: dir|jar MANIFEST header.

I am not aware of any changes in tycho 0.14.0 for this behaviour, but if you can provide a sample project that shows the regression, we will have a look.


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Subject: [tycho-user] Unpacked plug-in archives


I am building an Eclipse RCP application with tycho and maven 3.0.4. While using tycho version 0.13.0 my p2 repository and the materialized product contained the plug-in archives of the Eclipse RCP application as jar archives.

Now I switched to tycho version 0.14.0 and suddenly the plug-in archives are unpacked in the materialized product. 
What am I missing? Maybe some new configuration?

Thanks and kind regards
Jan Rosczak

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