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Re: [tycho-user] Using local target platform with Tycho

if your local target platform were a valid one, you could refer it as a repository using "file:/":


or you can create a target platform definition file, pointing to your bundles and setup the master POM to use it:


search for the tycho demo. there you can see both ways ...



On 10/02/12 14:05, Praveen Innamuri wrote:
I have a local target platform setup (it can said either as an eclipse installation, or a folder containing all the required dependency bundles) with many 3rd party eclipse bundles. So, I badly need to configure Tycho using my local target platform rather than remote update site.

I see that the option -Dtycho.targetPlatform=/Applications/eclipse is deprecated in the current version of Tycho and I would like to know is there any replacement for using the local target platform (either an eclipse installation or folder containing plugins and features) in the latest version of Tycho. Please help me in figuring out the best practice of configuring local target platform with Tycho. Thanks.


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