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Re: [tycho-user] please test staged tycho 0.14.0

I tested with the latest CDT and it works.

I had to make a few changes (all cleanups):
1. Fix some that were pointing to nonexistent files and folders 2. Fix some feature.xml that were pointing to nonexistent (AFAIK) license-feature 3. Remove references to nonexistent repositories in test bundles (I posted about that earlier)

Also, the tycho-eclipserun-plugin worked correctly and generated the index for the documentation.


On 07/02/2012 2:32 AM, Sievers, Jan wrote:
tycho 0.14.0 has been staged to [1], see release notes [2] for details.

Please test it by adding the snippet [3] to your parent pom or settings.xml.
Report problems on this mailing list or in bugzilla [4].

We will promote the release to the Maven central repository sometime next week
if no major regressions are found.

Tycho Team



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