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Re: [tycho-user] please test staged tycho 0.14.0

judging from tycho sources [1] you should either get a warning or an exception with a message pointing you to the file and missing bin.includes entri(es).
We would need a sample project to reproduce this.



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Yes. I did "mvn clean install", the build failed without any hint for 
the error.

Mengxin Zhu

On 02/08/2012 07:57 PM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
> On 12-02-08 4:54 AM, Mengxin Zhu wrote:
>> There is no blocking issue found after migrating to 0.14.0.
>> Release notes of 0.14.0 mentions,
>> Missing entries in for bin.includes and src.includes
>> will now fail the build by default. You can change these from error to
>> warning
>> <> 
>> for ease of migration
>> My project has non-exist file in bin.includes list, the build failed.
>> That's good. However no information was given for the failure when doing
>> tycho-package. If enabling verbose debug information, it gave me the
>> explanation. Could you add the error information by default? It can
>> quickly help developers finding root cause.
> I am not sure I understand. Are you saying running "mvn clean package"
> does not raise the error when bin.includes references missing files
> and/or directories?
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> Regards,
> Igor
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