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[tycho-user] target platforms and Maven.


This is probably more a maven question, but as you'll see below there is a tie-in to tycho and eclipse, so I think this may actually the best forum for the question.

I am in the midst of migrating a project's build system from Ant to Maven. As a first step I've migrated the OSGi artifact's builds to utilize Tycho for manifest first builds
(Dependencies retrieved using P2 repositories). The rest of the build is still in Ant and uses build dependencies assembled locally from orbit, or local OSGi'ified third party jars.

One of the goals of the change was to switch to a manifest-first build style for the bundles, and another is to switch to a system that allows development to utilize the same build within the IDE as the automated "headless" nightly builds. We chose Maven/Tycho.

Once the full build has been migrated, I'll be building a mix of standard java jars, OSGi bundles, eclipse features, generating a P2 site, and publishing artifacts to a maven repository and creating zip "install" archives.  I expect that a different reactor will have to be used for the pure maven build (possibly more than one).

I'm currently experimenting with target definition files, it seems they will allow us to build the tycho artifacts from the command-line or within the IDE independent of IDE version. However, I've yet to find a non-ant means of being able to build standard jars with Maven utilizing the exact same dependencies used to create the bundles (Tycho).

That is basically my question. Is it possible to somehow save the resulting P2 dependency resolution, and turn around and use it to build "standard' jars with Maven (which normally utilizes a maven repo)?



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