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[tycho-user] Any way to have a look at the internal p2 repo?

Hi all,

As far as I understand about Tycho, it seems to me that there is an internal p2 repository in the M2_REPO that is used by Tycho to resolve dependencies to "locally built" bundles. Is it so?)
In such case, we can read lines such as:
[WARNING] The following locally built units have been used to resolve project dependencies:

If there is a p2 repo, is there a way to see what's in it? Can we see an (artifact|content).(jar|xml) ?
If not, what is the underlying mechanism for resolution to locally builts bundles?

The use-case I have is that some platform-specific bundles are built locally, but Tycho does not succeed to resolve them from other builds. I am trying to figure out what's wrong in our poms or in Tycho that could explain this behaviour.

Thanks in advance,


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