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Re: [tycho-user] Problem with tycho-surefire-plugin and include/exclude patterns

Apologies. I meant to link/reply to this post:


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Subject: [tycho-user] Problem with tycho-surefire-plugin and include/exclude patterns


I have a related question (the answer of which could clarify future problems for tycho-using searchers of this post):


With the exception of renaming all Unit test cases to have the suffix “*” (or specifying a TestSuite.class that requires updates for each added test class), is there actually a way to configure inclusion patterns in tycho-surefire-plugin as suggested by the original posterm, and as implemented in the maven-surefire-plugin?


When my pom contains the following, no tests are detected:
























This configuration detects no test. If I remove everything (and retain <packaging>eclipse-test-plugin</packaging>, only the * are detected)

The java files that follow this pattern are located in ./src/[package dirs].


Is this expected behavior? Is my configuration invalid?

Note: The UT/FT convention is an artifact from the legacy code that I am updating. I will likely need to rename the files with a script in order to conform to convention. I would prefer to make sure that there was no other way to configure against this convention for educational purposes.


Thanks folks,


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