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[tycho-user] Problem with "No primary artifact to install" in eclipse-repository module

I just had a long struggle with tracking down why I got the error message "No primary artifact to install, installing attached artifacts instead." from my product build (<packaging>eclipse-repository</packaging>).
Thought I would mention the cause/solution for anyone else interested.

It turns out that the parent pom had the maven-source-plugin configured:


Apparently, the goal "jar" seems to fork because there is also another goal "jar-no-fork".
Binding the execution to <goal>jar-no-fork</goal> in my parent pom fixes the build.

It is only speculation from my side but could it be that tycho's own forking is conflicting with maven-source-plugin and causing an extra clean to run while gathering the sources. When the maven-install-plugin is eventually executed, everything but the attached sources have been removed.

I reproduced this in tycho-demo\itp04-rcp [1] by adding the plugin configuration to itp04-rcp\eclipse-repository\pom.xml
The complete maven output can be found at

Before I found this out the only way I could complete a build was to use "-Dclean.skip=true".


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