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Re: [tycho-user] Executing tests on multiple target platforms

Test project(s) can have multiple target platform configurations, each
in a separate pom.xml profile. If you 'install' main bundles into local
maven repository, you will be able to build just the test project(s)
with desired target platform enabled.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to fail overall build if tests
for one of the target platforms fail.


On 12-01-30 12:55 PM, Rüdiger Herrmann wrote:

I have a few plug-ins and one feature. A tycho-based build produces a p2
repo thereof and executes PDE-JUnit-tests (via the
tycho-surefire-plugin) all in one go. Very neat :)

Now, I'd like to have the tests executed on multiple target platforms
(Platform/UI 3.x and 4.x namely). Ideally, without building the feature
each time and/or having to duplicate the pom files.
Can I specify pom files that just run tests on the output of a prior
build? What do you recommend to achieve this?


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