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[tycho-user] about.ini with qualifier/snapshot

Hello fellow tycho users,

I have an eclipse product that is built with eclipse-repository package type with tycho 0.13.  In this product I have a top level feature branding plugin that supplies the standard about text in a dialog through the about.ini file.  In this about.ini file I have the current version of the product in a generic sense "1.0".  However, i would like to display the build qualifier as well, or better yet just put in the same version of the bundle that is being build, qualifier and all, 1.0.0.v201110271830.  How would be the best way for me to modify pom.xml of this one bundle to change the about.ini just before it is packaged into a jar?

Below you can see what I'm trying in my pom.xml  However, I don't know how to get the current value of the version being built.  Is there a way to get that value here?

<replace file="about.ini">

Greg Amerson
Liferay, Inc.

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