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[tycho-user] Run UI tests with Tycho


I'm trying to build & test nebula widgets using tycho. Building works really great, but I have issues running tests :  I get an SWT error because tests are not run from the main thread. 

**WARNING: Display must be created on main thread due to Cocoa restrictions.

The same tests work in Eclipse and with CBI. An example can be seen there [1].

I'm using Tycho 0.9.0.  (latest stable at the moment, I think)

I tried to set 
on maven-osgi-test-plugin with all possibilities (true/false). I see changes on the command line for test runner, and different output, but I always get the same error.

Is running SWT tests supported by any tycho version (stable/dev) on Mac ? How can I make it work ? Would it work on other platform  ?  

Thanks for you help. 


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