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[tycho-user] Using directories in target.definition


I want to create an update site using features specified by myself.
The bundle in the features are third party libs, which have a OSGi
Manifest and are available by maven dependencies.

I configured a maven project to copy the libs (using dependencies)
into a fixed directory and afterwards set a target.definition using
this directory and my eclipse home. After that I can build the an
update site using this features. Sadly this is a manual job and I
don't now how to automate it.

I wonder if this is possible with tycho? I really would like to
automate the steps e.g. in hudson.

I tried to create poms for the features using the steps in [1] but
maven/tycho could not resolve the bundles inside my target directory
even when I did set tycho.targetPlatform to the target.definition
which worked in eclipse.

Can anybody help me or is it just not possible with tychon?

best regards


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