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[tycho-dev] Tycho and Orbit is now supported by the IDE WG

Hi Tycho and Orbit devs,

(cross posted to IDE WG, tycho and orbit dev lists)

When the IDE WG initially put the list together of the projects that are part of the Eclipse IDE, and therefore part of the Eclipse IDE WG, we used the list of participating projects in SimRel. Unfortunately this missed some key projects, like Orbit and Tycho that are absolutely critical to a successful Eclipse IDE.

Tycho and Orbit are now listed in which means that all committers of Tycho and Orbit are now Committer Members of the IDE WG and eligible to run for the steering committee.

One of the other key benefits of a project being part of the IDE WG is that the working group's funded development efforts can be directed to work on those projects. Please be in touch with me (Planning Council chair) or the project's PMC if you have ideas for the Planning Council on where future funded development effort can be placed.

Please see the full charter and guidelines on funded development for more (and formal) information about the working group.

Best regards,

Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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