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Re: [tycho-dev] tycho-p2-extras-plugin:0.24.0:compare-version-with-baselines

On 10/28/2015 09:54 AM, LE FEVRE FRANCOIS wrote:
But I was expected to have like a report as output?

How can I see my plugin do not break the API?
As explained in and in the Mojo documentation (that will be available in tycho documentation site when 0.24 is released), the compare-version-with-baseline mojo is purely about checking the version. It does not dig into APIs.

If you're interested into API checking with Tycho, you can have a look at this (more or less abandonned) experiment: . I tried to get some more people playing with it and helping in integrating it to CBI in the past, but didn't manage to find people interested enough in it. And for JBoss Tools, although it would be nice to have, it appeared that automatic check of API versions at build-time didn't appear as a big issue compared to the difficulty of automating the checks.
If you want to revive this project and ultimately make it part of tycho-extras or CBI, I'd be glad to help you.
On this API versioning topic, I believe the CLIRR and/or BND have some working solutions, that might be preferred to the work mentioned above.

If it does not exist (perhaps there is an hidden option not documented in the web site?) , will you add a maven html report?

I consider that HTML reports are the worst way to report such issues (who reads reports?). The current strategy for the compare-version-with-baselines mojo is to fail the build if version seems illegal.

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