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[tycho-dev] tycho-p2-extras-plugin:0.24.0:compare-version-with-baselines

Dear all

I am trying to use the new feature of tycho 0.24: compare-version-with-baselines


I have setup my project to use the latest staging version of tycho






Then I have added the following plugin




















                                                                                                                                                             <!—update site for our projectà












When I run, the mvn verify, I can see several traces in the log , such as :


[INFO] --- tycho-p2-extras-plugin:0.24.0:compare-version-with-baselines (default) @ org.eclipse.papyrus.sysml14.feature ---

[INFO] Fetching org.eclipse.papyrus.sysml14.feature_0.7.0.201509161524.jar from (0B of 18,14kB at 0B/s)

[INFO] Fetching org.eclipse.papyrus.sysml14.feature.source_0.7.0.201509161524.jar from (0B of 11,06kB at 0B/s)


[INFO] --- tycho-p2-extras-plugin:0.24.0:compare-version-with-baselines (default) @ org.eclipse.papyrus.sysml14.diagram.internalblock ---

[INFO] Fetching org.eclipse.papyrus.sysml14.diagram.internalblock_0.7.0.201509161524.jar.pack.gz from (0B of 10,75kB at 0B/s)

[INFO] Fetching org.eclipse.papyrus.sysml14.diagram.internalblock.source_0.7.0.201509161524.jar from (0B of 9,24kB at 0B/s)


I got no error.

The build is successful.



But I was expected to have like a report as output?

Such the maven plugin CLIRR : that uses the following project referenced in Eclipse here


How can I see my plugin do not break the API?

If it does not exist (perhaps there is an hidden option not documented in the web site?) , will you add a maven html report?


Thanks for the additional elements.








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