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Re: [tycho-dev] Plan for 0.23.0 release?

What about p2, equinox and jdt binaries included in Tycho? Do you plan
to release 0.23.0 with M/RC platform binaries and follow it up with
0.23.1 soon after Mars GA is declared?


On Thu, May 21, 2015, at 11:42 AM, Sievers, Jan wrote:
> I'd like to do a Tycho release soon.
> It's been some time since 0.22.0 and it's definitely advised to release
> Mars with a released version of Tycho from a build reproducibility point
> of view.
> SNAPSHOTs are ephemeral so while you could note down the Tycho commit
> used at the time of eclipse release, other dependencies like Mars M7 used
> by Tycho will be gone in the future if we don't release.
> There are some open bugs targeted for 0.23.0
> I'd like to ask Tycho committers to postpone those bugs (unset target
> milestone) that are not critical to be included in 0.23.0
> Based on what I know right now I'd be tentatively OK with releasing
> 0.23.0 with what we have now (based on on M7) but other committers may
> object.
> With an updated list of open bugs for 0.23.0 we will be able to judge
> whether next week would be doable or not. 
> Note that usually we use a one week staging period for collecting
> feedback on the staged release candidate.
> Regards
> Jan
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> Subject: [tycho-dev] Plan for 0.23.0 release?
> Tycho Team, 
> As you know, we are rapidly approach Mars release, and it would be best
> if we (contributors to Mars release) could use a *released* version of
> Tycho 0.23.0, instead of Tycho 0.23.0-SNAPSHOT. 
> I'm sure you also know we need to use the SNAPSHOT now, to get the "Mac
> layout" and other important p2 fixes you are so kindly integrating (I
> think more to come in RC2, for "userAgent" fix and I ability to read
> artifacts.xml.xz files). 
> So ... while a lot is going on "last minute" here, is there any hope of
> us getting a released version for our final builds? (i.e. a release next
> week, or following week?) 
> And, if not, what do you recommend? Is there a way we can at least record
> the exact SNAPSHOT version used (I've heard there is .. just not sure
> "how to" so was hoping it was easy). 
> Thanks, 
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