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Re: [tycho-dev] Plan for 0.23.0 release?

I'd like to do a Tycho release soon.

It's been some time since 0.22.0 and it's definitely advised to release Mars with a released version of Tycho from a build reproducibility point of view.

SNAPSHOTs are ephemeral so while you could note down the Tycho commit used at the time of eclipse release, other dependencies like Mars M7 used by Tycho will be gone in the future if we don't release.

There are some open bugs targeted for 0.23.0

I'd like to ask Tycho committers to postpone those bugs (unset target milestone) that are not critical to be included in 0.23.0

Based on what I know right now I'd be tentatively OK with releasing 0.23.0 with what we have now (based on on M7) but other committers may object.
With an updated list of open bugs for 0.23.0 we will be able to judge whether next week would be doable or not. 

Note that usually we use a one week staging period for collecting feedback on the staged release candidate.


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Subject: [tycho-dev] Plan for 0.23.0 release?

Tycho Team, 

As you know, we are rapidly approach Mars release, and it would be best if we (contributors to Mars release) could use a *released* version of Tycho 0.23.0, instead of Tycho 0.23.0-SNAPSHOT. 

I'm sure you also know we need to use the SNAPSHOT now, to get the "Mac layout" and other important p2 fixes you are so kindly integrating (I think more to come in RC2, for "userAgent" fix and I ability to read artifacts.xml.xz files). 

So ... while a lot is going on "last minute" here, is there any hope of us getting a released version for our final builds? (i.e. a release next week, or following week?) 

And, if not, what do you recommend? Is there a way we can at least record the exact SNAPSHOT version used (I've heard there is .. just not sure "how to" so was hoping it was easy). 


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