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Re: [tycho-dev] Tycho Target Editor

Mickael Istria wrote:
> Ok, thanks for the details. IMO, as soon as the CQ is approved, it would
> be nice to move code to PDE Incubator is possible, as it's probably where
> potential contributors will look first

I don't think that where we put the code will make a large difference. Sure, within the Tycho project, we cannot just add plenty of committers (as this may be possible in the PDE incubator), so someone (i.e. me) needs to review contributions. But for this to become a problem, we need contributions first... (and I promise to be not as strict as with Tycho core contributions ;-)

> (...) keep the Tycho project a project dedicated to what Tycho is right
> now (Maven extensions).

Tycho as it is today consists of the Tycho core, which follows a somewhat strict vision, and a collection of tools which only may be useful for some users (the Tycho Extras stuff and the Unzip Plugin). I don't see this necessarily being overstretched by adding an specialized target editor which obviously strictly remains optional for Tycho core users.

> Duplicating concerns in projects (a target editor in PDE and Tycho) is
> IMO not very good for both community and projects.

I agree that there should only be one target editor hosted by the PDE project. But I wouldn't blame the PDE guys if they don't see their project as the right home for a use case which introduces dependencies to a Maven repository manager (currently Nexus + the Unzip Plugin) and a development model which is not used at the Eclipse Foundation (i.e. doing Maven releases of p2 repositories).

You are welcome to drive the discussion with the PDE, but I'd recommend to have at least a working open source version first. As I mentioned before, this won't be the case yet with the code from the CQ.


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