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Re: [tycho-dev] Tycho Target Editor

Hi Mickael,


The CQ for the “Tycho Target Editor” (within SAP, it was known as the LDI Target Editor) are just the first two steps of “open-sourcing” the target editor enhancements. With the CQ,

·       The sources are made public, so that people can have a look, and

·       The sources are moved to Eclipse, so that people can contribute.


There is plenty of work to do afterwards:

·       The community needs to decide which features are potentially interesting. There is documentation included with the contribution, so details will come once the CQ is through. In the meanwhile, you can find a summary here:

·       Settings which are currently hard-coded (like the URL of the Nexus instance) need to be made configurable.

·       A discussion with the PDE project needs to be started if some or all of the functionality should be moved to the PDE project. This would imply a major refactoring of the code because the LDI Target Editor duplicated large parts of the PDE’s model in order to be able to extend it.


With the steps now taken, we (as SAP) finally no longer stand in the way of moving the target editor into an open source project, but it is up to you and the community to really transform this into living open source code.


Best regards



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I just noticed the CQ about contributing the extensions from SAP to target editor into Tycho. I'm wondering why wasn't this contributed directly to PDE ?
Are those extensions Tycho-specific? Is there a description of available features somewhere?


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