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Re: [tycho-dev] Alternative to PlatformAdmin?

I think the bigger question is if and when we should migrate to the new
Equinox embedding APIs. I *think* we use "good" OSGi resolver APIs
already, but probably worth to double-check that too.


On 11/29/2013, 10:22, Sievers, Jan wrote:
as far as I can see PlatformAdmin is only used for debug info in case of resolver errors in the test runtime.

For now the message "Could not acquire PlatformAdmin server"
can be safely ignored but we should probably adapt to the new API (OSGi wiring API?) if we still want to provide debug info for
resolution errors. We'd have to check if the wiring API is also present in old releases though / or continue gracefully / try to fallback to PlatformAdmin in case it's not there, just like the behaviour right now.
Of course the compatibility fragment could also be used but I guess nobody wants to add that manually to the test runtime everywhere.

You can open a bug for this.


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Subject: [tycho-dev] Alternative to PlatformAdmin?

Hi all,

As far as I understood, Surefire osgibooter has a dependency on PlatformAdmin to provide some reports at startup about resolution of test bundle. However, this PlatformAdmin is not part of the Equinox framework any more and is now an optional fragment (which most tests don't include by default).
It causes all tests based on Luna to log that they can't find a PlatformAdmin, which is not a blocking error in most cases. Most users I've seen meeting this message understand that as an error message and the cause of most of their problems.

Could this check be removed in Tycho? Or replaced by something else (which is backward compatible)?
Is the a bug already open to track this idea?

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