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Re: [tycho-dev] Generate a.jre.javase into content.xml

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the info. I think the correct solution would be how PDE
validates the Target-Platform. It allows to set a EE and knows exactly
the information.

It simply has to generate the correct IU for and pass it on to the
IPlanner which would then resolve thing appropriately.

I've pinged and
will try to come up with a patch for M6.


Am 05.02.13 11:01, schrieb Sievers, Jan:
> AFAIK there is no good/straightforward solution for this problem as of now.
> hardcoded JavaSE-1.6 a.jre.* IUs are only published as side-effect of publishing a product with eclipse-repository packaging type.
> (and coupling the publishing of a.jre.* IUs to products in p2 is also conceptually wrong)
> if you don't have/want a product, you may be able to achieve sth similar with p2.inf or with a custom execution environment [1] but not sure if that's a good idea either...
> See also related bug [2] which in turn has references to relevant p2 bugs.
> BTW at build-time we have solved this problem for tycho [3], but at install/update time you still need bogus IUs to satisfy dependencies to packages provided by the JDK.
> IMHO the real solution for this in p2 would be to detect the *running* JDK during install/update and make sure package requirements for packages of the running JDK are satisfied.
> Regards
> Jan
> [1] 
> [2] 
> [3] 
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> Subject: [tycho-dev] Generate a.jre.javase into content.xml
> Hi,
> Is it somehow possible to instruct tycho to include this into the
> content.xml when using the package type "eclipse-update-site" so that
> people setuping a target-platform in Eclipse with the generated p2-repo
> don't get a resolution problem because of imports from the JRE?
> Tom

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