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Re: [tycho-dev] Generate a.jre.javase into content.xml

AFAIK there is no good/straightforward solution for this problem as of now.

hardcoded JavaSE-1.6 a.jre.* IUs are only published as side-effect of publishing a product with eclipse-repository packaging type.
(and coupling the publishing of a.jre.* IUs to products in p2 is also conceptually wrong)

if you don't have/want a product, you may be able to achieve sth similar with p2.inf or with a custom execution environment [1] but not sure if that's a good idea either...
See also related bug [2] which in turn has references to relevant p2 bugs.

BTW at build-time we have solved this problem for tycho [3], but at install/update time you still need bogus IUs to satisfy dependencies to packages provided by the JDK.

IMHO the real solution for this in p2 would be to detect the *running* JDK during install/update and make sure package requirements for packages of the running JDK are satisfied.



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Is it somehow possible to instruct tycho to include this into the
content.xml when using the package type "eclipse-update-site" so that
people setuping a target-platform in Eclipse with the generated p2-repo
don't get a resolution problem because of imports from the JRE?


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