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Re: [tycho-dev] Plan for tycho surefire plugin

Thanks for the detailed answer. This was much appreciated.

> tycho-surefire enhancements, in particular, heavily rely on Tycho's integration with surefire. As discovered in, the current solution blocks us from adopting new maven-surefire version. For me, this structural problem is more important than any of the proposed enhancements because it will kill us eventually if we can't solve this. I've updated with ideas how the problem could be addressed.
	Thanks for providing the details in the bug. This matches what I thought was going on. Do you have a rough estimate of how much time it could take to do the changes you mention, and do you have any timeline to have this bug addressed?



> Regards
> Tobias
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>> Hello,
>> I would like to know what are the development plans for the tycho surefire
>> plugin.
>> Basically from what I see, it looks like the development is significantly
>> slowed down because the move to a new version of surefire is causing
>> problems (
>> Given that there are some quite desirable improvements to be made to tycho
>> surefire (,,
>>, I would like to know your thinking on how
>> you plan to move forward on tycho-surefire. Note that I'm not asking the
>> tycho committers to do the work, just to outline a plan :)
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Pascal
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