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Re: [tycho-dev] mercurial build timestamp provider

My recommendation is to keep mercurial build timestamp provider as a
separate project, at least for the time being. None of tycho developers
use mercurial as far as I know (I certainly don't), so we will not be
able to help you maintain the code and it will likely cause us problems
because we will have to figure out how to setup hg repositories and make
it work.

As Jan pointed out, you can deploy the provider to Central using one of
existing forges, like or, so location of the
code will be completely transparent to the users.


On 12-11-27 4:44 PM, Simon Goodall wrote:

I've done some work to build a mercurial build timestamp provider as an
alternative to the jgit provider in the current tycho.extras. It is
possible to get this included in tycho.extras and if so, what is the

I've made a fork on github containing my plugin, see [1].

It is largely based on the existing jgit timestamp provider. Unlike the
jgit version, this plugin invokes a mercurial executable. This has an
obvious problem of failing to work if mercurial (i.e. "hg") is not
available on the PATH.




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