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[tycho-dev] Automate repacking of maven-artifacts as an OSGi-Bundle


I've searched bit but haven't found any information. In our product we
need to repackage some default jars into an OSGi-Bundle.

We currently do this by hand and have an OSGi-Bundle in our git-repo so
that when we run the build we get a OSGi-Bundle we can package as part
of the update-creation.

So our current layout looks like this:

 + lib_1.jar
 + lib_2.jar
 + pom.xml

our.product.bundle (requires our.external.dependency.bundle)
 + pom.xml

Instead of having our.external.dependency.bundle we'd love to split our
build in 2 steps:
* Build 1:
  * Repackage dependencies from maven central into
  * Generate a p2-repo

* Build 2:
  * Make use of the p2-repo in build 1
  * Generate an p2-repo with the product.bundle + dependency.bundle

Is there some support in tycho for Build 1?


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